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I'm a serial entrepreneur with a bartending and hospitality background. Here on you can find my thoughts and ramblings about all things beer related. Over the last couple of years I've helped building Brew Berlin, the beer segment of Europe's leading bar and beverage trade show Bar Convent Berlin.

I write about the hoppy stuff for both the Brew Berlin blog and in my role as publisher for Mixology - Magazine of Bar Culture. I'm co-founder of both Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) and Mixology Magazine.

In 2013 I helped conceptualize and produce the progressive beer book "Cocktailian - Bier & Craft Beer" (ISBN 978-3944628493). I've recently supported Cape Towns leading craft beer bar Beerhouse as "Chief of Hopaganda".

Disclosures: I own a couple of BrewDog shares and I took part in the Berliner Berg crowdfunding by purchasing two bottles of Berliner Berg "Berliner Champagner Weiße".